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Uber Has Been Canceled

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So yesterday, I utilized the services of Uber to take me to a pizza restaurant. It was closed even though their hours on the door said they were supposed to be open. I wrote a terrible review for them too on Google Maps and messaged them on Facebook. The restaurant name is Tony’s Pizza & Pasta on Calle 46 493 in Merida, Mexico. So let’s get THAT all in the search results too.

Back to Uber and my driver…

The Uber driver was so reckless with his driving. He was getting frustrated because it was a LITTLE BIT of traffic. Now Merida is only 10 miles around or so if that, it’s not a big city at all. I walked home yesterday after I ate even though I took an Uber to the restaurant I was supposed to go to. So put that into perspective…

The Uber driver was swerving in and out of traffic and did not have the air conditioner on.

Now it’s been HOT. I have had to turn the AC on in my apartment for the past two days. It’s been 91 degrees outside…so how hot do you think the car was!? And no I didn’t ask him to turn on the AC…I figured he was CRAZY and I didn’t want a confrontation. Who doesn’t have their AC on in 91 degree heat?!!?

He also kept asking me where I was going and how do I get there? Hell if I know…that’s YOUR JOB! Just follow what Uber says plus you’re a native…you should know these streets like the back of your hand. Again Merida isn’t that big…

Since the pizza place was closed, I told the driver to take me to TGIF which is a block away.

Back to Uber…so I message Uber and tell them there was an issue. 1. The driver drove so recklessly, I thought we were going to have a car accident. 2. There was no AC! I have asthma and that could have been a deadly situation.

Did they care? No. They said the driver completed the ride so there was no issue. So if a driver “completes the ride” even though you may have gotten in a car accident while getting out of the car at your final destination (true story)…they shouldn’t have to refund you? Great business model.

The fair was for less than $2 but I don’t care. I was in a deadly car for 15 minutes or so.

Solution: I stopped using anything by Uber. Won’t be using Uber Eats either. Thank goodness Mexico has other options.

The only reason to use Uber is if your city doesn’t have any other options. Fuck Uber!

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