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UPDATE: My Living Expenses in Mexico City

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Of course, my living expenses have changed since moving here. I’m at the 9 month mark (can’t believe it) of living here. Here is the original post I did. These are estimates and I don’t spend this every month and some months I spend a bit more. Rounding has also been used. AND of course, these numbers can change if the dollar is weak to the peso (which it has been since moving here).

Rent ($480) – This is supposed to change every month because my landlord thinks he’s slick by saying dollars instead of pesos. I give him $8200 pesos every month and he accepts it.

Life Insurance ($1) – Have to keep that

Health Insurance ($35) – In case my body needs to be brought back to the states and also includes health insurance where I can be reimbursed for anything medically related. I will also purchase a travel insurance policy one of these days since I plan to be traveling within Mexico more. ($15) – To receive mail from the states. The service scans the mail and lets me know what I have.

Telmex ($55) – I got my own internet service as the one in the building is not reliable and I NEED my internet to be reliable to make money. The internet is expensive here but WAY faster than anything I ever had in the US. I get 100mbps and could have gotten 200mbps for extra money.

Telcel ($30) – T-mobile finally cut me off and I had to get Mexican service. I get up to 7gbs per month, unlimited data for Facebook, Uber, and WhatsApp for the price.

Anveo ($3) – A US phone number so people can call me. If you sign up, please use referral code: 7488707. Thank you!

Uber ($50) – I don’t drive and just use Uber. Each ride is between $3-10 depending on where I’m going.

Food ($250) – I cook now so my bill came down a little bit.

Entertainment ($75) – This includes going out to different events and eating out at restaurants.

VPN ($8) – Need this to access certain websites in english.
Total about $995 per month

This list also doesn’t include bus/train fare, yearly or bi-yearly things like dental check ups and physicals, domain name, hosting (that’s why you need to donate :), and flights back home. Long term expenses like passport, driver’s license, tax filing fees, etc. etc. etc.

I think that’s it…

*UPDATE: I forgot my Spanish lessons for $129/month. So total is about $1125/month

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  • Every little bit helps. Hosting is $20 per month. 😘

    Be sure to subscribe for updates to the blog and follow me on social media. 😍

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  1. Joan Edwards

    Where in Mexico?

    • Keen & Ready

      Mexico City

    • Marcella

      Im very much want to do the same…i have been searching info about Mexico…Panama…Guyana…Malaysia…thailand. Where in Mexico would u suggest is best for black retired Army living on a budget?
      Please email me.

      • George

        Puerto Vallarta at Mexico is a place that welcomes retired Americans and it’s not that expensive add other ports like Cancun that is aimed to Europeans.

        Another great place is San Miguel de Allende and of course all other major cities. I think with the minimum Spanish to say “gracias” y “dónde está el baño” you’ll be fine. Good luck!

        • Juan

          If agree if you would like to live near the beach Puerto Vayarta is beautiful and 60% cheaper than Cancun or Cabos, and if you don’t mind the beach and would like a peaceful place San Miguel de Allende is a colonial beautiful with great weather and also cheap place to live. I’m Mexican and been to both cities and those would be my favorite place to retire, oh and lots of foreigners already live on those cities so you wouldn’t feel like so much away from home and can meet people from other countries.

    • Keen & Ready

      Sorry! For whatever reason your comment went to spam. I don’t have utilities…included in my rent.

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