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Learning Spanish has been GLORIOUS. I LOVE my teacher and she is wonderful at what she does. I’ve learned so much in a week by being one on one. I highly recommend doing private lessons over group lessons. I can ask questions quickly and be corrected when I am wrong without waiting for someone else in a class. All I think and see is Spanish now. I spoke so much Spanish yesterday my brain hurt and I literally wanted to CRY.

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I went to a chocolate museum and a wine tasting on Wednesday. I’ll write about that tomorrow and post the pictures as I am TIRED. Tomorrow will be a better day. As for now here are a few videos I shot yesterday. Oh! And there was an earthquake yesterday…fun fun! I was hoping I would be here a little while before I felt one…oh well such is life.

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Walking the cobblestone streets of Antigua. The whole city looks like this and it’s easy to get lost!

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The view outside my window in Antigua, Guatemala!

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After the earthquake, a lightning and thunderstorm!

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