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Videos of GORGEOUS Antigua, Guatemala

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Learning Spanish has been GLORIOUS. I LOVE my teacher and she is wonderful at what she does. I’ve learned so much in a week by being one on one. I highly recommend doing private lessons over group lessons. I can ask questions quickly and be corrected when I am wrong without waiting for someone else in a class. All I think and see is Spanish now. I spoke so much Spanish yesterday my brain hurt and I literally wanted to CRY.

I went to a chocolate museum and a wine tasting on Wednesday. I’ll write about that tomorrow and post the pictures as I am TIRED. Tomorrow will be a better day. As for now here are a few videos I shot yesterday. Oh! And there was an earthquake yesterday…fun fun! I was hoping I would be here a little while before I felt one…oh well such is life.

Tuk Tuk! Bumpy as all can be but fun for a short ride.

Walking the cobblestone streets of Antigua. The whole city looks like this and it’s easy to get lost!

The view outside my window in Antigua, Guatemala!

After the earthquake, a lightning and thunderstorm!

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