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Review: VivaAerobus Mexico’s Discount Airline

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Here is a review on VivaAerobus:

Arrived at the Mexico City airport and no one could tell me EXACTLY where I should go for security. I walked back and forth around the airport looking for a SIGN and asking different people with no luck. By this time I’m sweating to death and mad because I wanted to eat. I go back over to ask the VivaAerobus representative one more time where do I go and he explains in more detail where I needed to go. I passed by the security line FOUR TIMES. I thought the security line was the Aeromexico and Interjet lines to buy tickets. They had advertisements everywhere with Aeromexico and Interjet logos. There are no signs saying the security line is there. Finally get to the security line and I’m good to go. I grab a bite to eat from Chilis and wait for the announcement it’s time to board.

There are different lines for boarding which include a priority line. I was in the second line. When you book online you choose your seat, so I already knew where I would be sitting…in the middle of two people. You can pay extra for a window or aisle seat.

These are the most uncomfortable and squished together seats I have ever flown on. My knees were almost to the next seat in front of me. Mind you I am almost 5’11” so if you’re taller than that you may want to upgrade your seat to the very front. You don’t get a small cup of water or a snack so be prepared. The flight was pretty noisy. One of the noisiest I’ve ever been on. There were tons of families on the plane.

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