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Xochimilco Boat Ride in Mexico City

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Went to Xochmilco yesterday and had so much fun. Xochmilco is just another part of Mexico City that is famous for water boats. It is a waterway that you float down on a decorated wooden boat. There were many young people out there partying. It’s $350 per hour for the whole boat. I wouldn’t mind bringing a bunch of people and partying too. You can bring your own music and food then party for how ever many hours you paid for. There are people out there selling food and handmade crafts to you while floating down on little boats. I don’t know how it is Monday through Thursday or earlier in the day, but wondered if it would have been more peaceful.

Walked around a bit the other day and found this AMAZING liquor infused ice cream. I had the brownie flavor and I’ll definitely be back.

I tried a real mojito with crush up mint in it. I also tried a sangria for the first time. I found these amazing cookies that will become my new snack made by Quaker Oats. I tried a new dish at one of my favorite restaurants and will be eating that again. I also tried an empanada for the first time and MAN! I was not disappointed. It was SO good.

I’ll be going to a Lucha Libre show FINALLY tonight. I’ll let you know how it is.




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